The sessions lasts 45-50 min 1-2 times per week. Psychoanalytic oriented services are short term – up to 50 sessions or long term - more than 50 sessions. The latest last as long, as purposes and objectives, set down at the beginning and these ones occurred during the process become almost reached.
   The working process begins after the establishing the contract, which includes the mutual agreement about the tasks, goals, suppositional results and suppositional duration of the psychotherapy, price, the responsibilities and commitments of both sides, the rules of ethics and confidentiality, time, place, duration of meetings, payment, absences and missed sessions also payment for them, possible side effects and other actual matters. The contract is verbal. The contract is flexible and might be revised, changed according the changing circumstances.
   Before the contract becomes operative, the initial interview, up to 4, sometimes more if needed, take place. The tasks of initial interview are to identify the problems, to discuss the basic attitudes of the contract, to allow the professional to become acquainted with the life history of the client, history of previous therapies, to establish goals and objectives of the therapy. During the initial interviews both participant are free to decide about the ability and wish to work together. Because both are free to change their mind.
   The vacations, absences, changes of setting, price or whatever are discussed as early as possible beforehand.

   Termination. The process appropriate for all psychotherapy services.
•    Natural. When almost all goals, indicated at the beginning and appeared in the process are reached, the further essential changes are hardly expected and both participants agree about that.
•    Premature ending. The client decides the work is done, but the psychotherapist, the group sees either more possibilities to work with to make client’s life quality fundamentally better, or obvious client’s avoidance to go ahead, to deeper but of course more painful unconscious levels, or possible dangers of premature ending.
•    Drop out. The unilateral client’s decision to break the process of psychotherapy services inevitably will face the numerous negative consequences. About them he is informed not questioning his right to decide by himself.





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